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When it comes to drug and alcohol addictions, many people are under the (false) assumption that all recovery programs are created equally. However, this is simply not the case. In fact, addiction recovery programs are designed with the recovering addicts directly in mind. In other words, they are designed to accommodate different people's needs and desires for addiction treatment and recovery so that everyone can overcome their addictions.

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What Are Recovery Programs?

Recovery programs are sets of treatments, therapies, strategies, and coping mechanisms that are structured and sequences to aid a person who is addicted to drugs or alcohol in their efforts to overcome their addiction. These programs are based upon what are known as models of recovery that serve as the basis for addiction recovery, giving the programs a philosophy and a focus.

What Are Some Of The Models Of Recovery?

There are several different types of models of recovery that can be used as the basis of programs of recovery. Some of these models of recovery may include:

Cognitive/Behavioral Model

The cognitive/behavioral model of addiction recovery is based on the idea that a person's feelings, thoughts, and actions have much to do with the development of a drug or alcohol addiction, as well as triggers and future prevention. This type of treatment focuses on identifying the individual addict's thoughts, behaviors, and feelings that contribute to substance abuse and addiction and then also works to use those identified issues to develop coping mechanisms to avoid future substance abuse and addiction.

Motivational Incentives Model

The motivational incentive model of addiction recovery involves a person's motivation both regarding substance abuse and their recovery from it. When a person develops an addiction to drugs or alcohol, their brain reprograms and comes to a point where the brain's motivation and reward centers are only triggered or stimulated by the drug or alcohol.

That can make it difficult for a recovering addict to find desire and motivation to fully engage in the recovery and treatment. The motivational incentives model attempts to address this issue by offering tangible rewards (incentives) to the recovering addict to help them get motivated to participate and engage in their recovery treatments. These rewards will stimulate those same reward centers in the brain that the drug did and can help to further motivate the recovering addict in their recovery.

What Are Some Treatment Offerings?

Every recovery program has a variety of treatments available that fit under these models of recovery. Some of the different treatments available include:

Art Therapy

Art therapy helps recovering addicts to learn to be aware of their emotions as well as to express their emotions through the creation and discussion of art. Being aware of one's emotions as they occur and having a positive outlet for those emotions will help a recovering addict to be able to deal with problem feelings and thoughts in healthy ways to avoid substance abuse in the future.

Individual/Group Therapy

Individual and group therapy are core treatment options in most addiction recovery programs. These therapies are designed to help recovering addicts become aware of the underlying issues that led them to develop a substance abuse problem in the first place as well as to help them develop ways to identify and cope with triggers to avoid future substance abuse as well as to teach them the importance of addiction aftercare and lifelong sobriety efforts.

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