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The longer drug addiction goes untreated, the greater the risk of irreversible damage to your physical health and relationships. The damage of untreated addiction differs from person to person, but the nature of this disease is progressive for everyone. Stopping the downward spiral of addiction begins with recognizing that recovery is possible with the right drug treatment program.

This directory provides a list of centers for Drug Treatment in Boca Raton, where counselors and therapists can customize your rehabilitation plan in order to aid in your recovery. Call today to learn how one of the facilities for Drug Treatment in Boca Raton can help you at (561) 962-0348.

The team of specialists at the various treatment centers throughout Boca Raton consist of board-certified doctors, nurses, psychiatrists and other recovery professionals with years of experience working exclusively in the treatment of addiction and accompanying psychiatric disorders. The medical, educational and counseling services offered at drug rehabs are collaborative and derived from evidence-based treatment protocols.

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Drug Rehab Facilities in Boca Raton

The path to recovery at one of the Drug Treatment Centers in Boca Raton includes:

Medical Detox: Following a physical examination and careful assessment of your dependent once the detoxification process occurs with around the clock medical oversight. Addiction clinicians consistently monitor withdrawal symptoms to keep the patient emotionally and physically stable throughout the process. All detoxification specialists also have an emergency medical training to immediately administer appropriate medication and mitigate any health risks that may develop.

The medical detox process, which is part of the treatment plans at the various centers for Drug Treatment in Boca Raton, is an important component of any rehabilitation program. As such they offer clients various detox options such as conventional, holistic or medicinal. The duration of any detoxification process is determined by the substance of abuse, the health of the patient and whether or not the patient is undergoing a gradual withdrawal process.

  • Rehabilitation: The number of centers for Drug Treatment in Boca Raton has the ability to tailor a comprehensive intervention program for every client. The focus of the recovery plan may be traditional, holistic or a combination of both and fall under the umbrella of specialized programs such as Christian, Gender Based, Family-oriented, LGBT, and SMART to name a few. Therapy will include one-on-one sessions, group, family, 12-Step and other targeted group meetings such as grief and loss or relationship support. Sessions are geared toward helping recovering addicts and their families to understanding the nuances of addiction, how to cope with stress and deal with any underlying mental or behavioral issues.
  • Relapse Prevention: Education and training that focus on relapse prevention are critical to sustaining sobriety which is the ultimate goal of every recovery program. This process is a systematic approach that provides various tools and techniques to aid in avoiding triggers or getting back on track after a relapse. Experienced counselors work with individuals on a one-on-one basis to identify their unique trigger points and create a feasible relapse prevention plan. They also offer both inpatient and outpatient relapse prevention programs.
  • Aftercare: At the core of care philosophy is the belief that recovery continues beyond rehab. They spend time with clients to develop an effective aftercare plan that will fit into their daily lives. Many patients are hesitant to re-engage their former lives immediately following rehab and for this reason, they offer sober living community programs. This program provides a transitory facility which is an interim place to stay between rehab and returning home. Patients are able to gradually return to an independent lifestyle while having access to most of the benefits of the rehab facility.

These various stages of the recovery process are experienced one phase at a time. Leaving rehab launches you into the most important and longest phase of recovery. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 40 to 60 percent of people who have an addiction relapse at least once. Many individuals say they learn valuable lessons after a relapse that was instrumental in helping them to avoid future ones. Recognizing that a relapse is always a possibility does not mean it is inevitable. It does, however, flag the importance of following through on aftercare programs planned during rehab that are designed specifically to help patients to sustain long-term sobriety.

This directory of a number of centers for Drug Treatment in Boca Raton can help you narrow down which facility would be best for your recovery. Don't wait any longer, begin your search now.

About Boca Raton

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Finding a Center for Drug Treatment in Boca Raton

Addiction treatment is designed to help you remove drugs or alcohol from your system in a safe manner. Once detox is complete, you will begin to work on relapse prevention strategies to maintain your recovery. When you need to find a center that offers drug treatment in Boca Raton, you have plenty of choices and this directory lists the facilities available in the Boca Raton area. With the variety of programs for recovery available to you in the Boca Raton area, you will be able to find the right program to serve your particular needs. Whether you are looking for a private pay facility that offers you plenty of amenities, or you need a public facility to treat your addiction, help is available to you.

While you search for a program, you will encounter a variety of types of addiction treatment. To better understand each type:

•   Supervised Detox Treatment: Treatment during detox must be supervised in order to be safe. The withdrawal process produces symptoms that can start as mild and quickly become life-threatening. If you are at home alone, you won't be able to access the help you need if your withdrawal symptoms become serious. You will be treated with care during the withdrawal period as you are supervised throughout your time in detox.

•   Residential Treatment Short-term: After detox, it's time to think about what type of treatment you need to continue your recovery. If you feel comfortable returning home, you will be able to go for treatment during the day and go home each night. Short-term residential treatment allows you to learn more about addiction and recovery without having to worry about the stress of being at home.

•   Long-term Residential Treatment: When you don't have a safe home to go to, long-term residential treatment can give you the help you need to recover effectively from your addiction. While in a long-term treatment facility, your days are going to be structured. You will attend groups during the day and you will work closely with a counselor to work through the issues that led to your addiction. 

•   Sober Living Residential Treatment: Many people find that a sober living community is their best chance at learning how to live a life of recovery. A sober living community is an environment that is supportive, where you live among your peers who are also trying to live a better life. In a sober living program, you will take steps to reintegrate back into society. You will begin working and you will be able to take slow steps to learn how to take care of your own needs once again.

•   Outpatient Treatment Services for Rehabilitation: Outpatient services are any type of addiction treatment in Boca Raton that you receive that doesn't require residential care. This type of treatment can include an Intensive Outpatient Program or a Partial Hospitalization Program. In these two types of programs, you go to a program during the day for intense treatment but return home each night. Outpatient services can also include group therapy, individual therapy, or any other type of day treatment where you return home.

Recognize the Signs of a Potential Relapse

You will hear time and time again that relapse is often a part of recovery. This doesn't mean that you have to simply accept that a relapse is going to occur. When you pay attention to the signs that a relapse may be imminent, you are better able to ward off a relapse in the first place. If you feel your commitment to your own sobriety waning, it's time to focus your energies once again on your own recovery. Signs that a potential relapse may occur include:

•   Having no interest in going to 12-step meetings or in talking to your network of friends you have developed through your recovery.

•   Spending time with old friends you used to party with, thinking that it would be no big deal if you started using again.

•   Dreaming of the life before recovery and thinking it wasn't so bad.

•   Isolating yourself completing from all the help you have been receiving.

•   Feeling hopeless, or overwhelmed with trying to stay sober.

There are going to be times when you feel that your life is out of control and you may want to turn to old habits. If you begin to see yourself falling backward during treatment, it's time to give yourself a break and get the help you need. While relapses can occur, you have done hard work to get to where you are now. Prevent a relapse in the first place and you won't have to deal with the aftermath.

Relapse Prevention Strategies While in Recovery

Relapse prevention strategies are any activity or tool that you learn that helps you stay sober. For some people, reaching out to a friend who is also in recovery is enough. For other people, changing a variety of patterns of behavior is what is going to be necessary to make recovery easier. Over time, you will discover that some relapse prevention strategies work well for you, while others aren't so helpful. Here are a few ideas to help you stay positive and keep your stress levels under control:

•   Don't isolate yourself: Spend some time with a friend in person and enjoy the day. Talk about what is bothering you if there is an opportunity to do so.

•   Find a new hobby: A new hobby can be just about anything. If you have always wanted to try drawing, take a class at your local community college. Find new ways to express your emotions and to get in touch with your inner thoughts.

•   Volunteer somewhere: There are plenty of people that could use the help you can give. Find a place to volunteer and commit yourself to helping out. When you give yourself a sense of purpose, you won't feel so alone in the world.

•   Recognize the signs of a relapse and do something: If you see yourself falling down a negative spiral, work your way back up. You have done too much work to give up now.

You are worth it and you have to remember this every step of your journey toward recovery. Recovery isn't simple, but that doesn't mean it is not possible. You have the strength you need, and sometimes you are going to have to look deep inside to find that strength.

How Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Works for Addiction Treatment

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT, is often a main treatment in the various centers for drug treatment in Boca Raton. CBT allows you to look at thought patterns and to change the way you think about your life. A good CBT therapist will be able to help you examine your negative thought patterns in a way that allows you to be more productive and realistic in your thoughts.

Many people have self-defeating thought patterns that can lead to all kinds of problems. With addiction, the thoughts can become hopeless or completely out of line with reality. "I'll never get better anyway", "Why bother, I'm not worth it.", and other thoughts such as this are not useful and not really based in reality. Anyone that seeks addiction treatment is worth healing. Anyone that makes an effort to heal from addiction is going to be successful.

When you work with a CBT therapist, the work can feel as if it going slowly. You don't have to figure out everything at once. Understand that learning how to change your thoughts to be more productive is going to take time. Eventually, you will see that you are more positive in your thinking and that you no longer set yourself up for defeat whenever a problem is in front of you.

CBT will teach you how to use your own inner strengths and give you the power you need to work through your recovery. You have the skills, but sometimes you have to be taught how to use those skills and stop sabotaging your life. Find a therapist skilled in CBT once you leave treatment programs to continue the work.

Peer Support After Time in Centers for Drug Treatment in Boca Raton

Peer support is always going to be encouraged when you are in a center that offers drug treatment in Boca Raton. The people who understand best what you are going through are going to be your peers. While counselors will be able to support and guide you through the recovery process, your peers are going to understand exactly what you are dealing with. You will meet a combination of professional counselors, peers in recovery, and people with addiction struggles who are now employed by treatment centers.

Throughout your recovery, look for people that you find inspiring. You will meet all kinds of people in treatment, and you will want to engage with others who will be there for you to support your addiction and recovery needs. Many people who struggle with addiction turn to 12-step groups to find peer support and engage in the 12-steps of addiction recovery with a sponsor.

How 12-Step Programs Work for Addiction Treatment

When you begin going to AA/NA meetings, you will probably wonder what is going on. You'll start to hear stories from others who have gone through treatment, and you might have an opportunity to share for a few minutes. You can always sit back and pass when it comes time to share. 12-step programs work by giving you guidance to accept the things that have happened in your life, to work through the ways in which you damaged others and yourself because of addiction, and to move forward with your life.

The process of working through the 12 steps can take as long as you need it to. When you find a sponsor, you will begin with the first step, which is to let go of the control you feel you have and to let a higher power take that control for you. While not a religious program, 12-step programs encourage you to have spirituality in a higher power. This helps many people feel less alone while they work through their recovery.

Is It Time for Addiction Treatment?

When your life is spiraling out of control because of an addiction, it's time to go to treatment. When you are messing up at work and you are afraid to lose your job because of your substance abuse, you need addiction treatment in Boca Raton. If your spouse has been expressing concerns and is upset at your substance abuse, you need help to get your life back from addiction.

It is never going to be the perfect time to take a break from your daily life and enter into substance abuse treatment. As you wait for things to get just a little bit worse, you are taking risks with your life that are not necessary. Instead of waiting for your life to hit rock bottom, head to treatment for addiction before your life falls completely apart.

You might never feel completely ready to go to treatment. If you are nervous, know that you are going to meet plenty of other people in treatment who feel the same way. You will encounter an environment that is professional, empathetic and safe. You will have the space that you need to detox safely from substances and you will be able to learn about addiction and the treatment available to you throughout Boca Raton, Florida.

When you decide that you have had enough trying to live with an addiction, you are ready to go to a treatment facility to detox from the substances you are addicted to. You deserve to heal from your addiction, and the safest way to do so is through professional help at a facility. No matter what anyone in your life says if you want to go to treatment, make the commitment to do so.

Your family and friends that are close to you probably know about your addiction, even if you have tried to hide it. Don't be afraid of what others are going to think, as you are making a decision that is going to turn your life around. If you have tried to stop on your own without success, it's time to let professionals help you through the disease of addiction before it completely ruins your life.

Use this directory of various centers for Drug Treatment in Boca Raton in order to help narrow down your options when it comes to recovery.

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