Addiction Recovery Isn't As Simple As Some Would Like To Believe

Understanding why your loved one can't give up their addiction might be frustrating but it is more out of their control then you think. If you want to help your loved one recover from drug abuse and alcohol dependency.

Addiction is much more scientific then choice contrary to popular belief. It is a brain disease in which the person with an addictive personality is chained to a behavior. The human mind has five reward pathways and some individuals are wired differently than others. The reward system is responsible for the "feel good" chemicals that the body naturally produces and some people have blocked pathways which creates lower levels of these chemicals. This results in feelings of pain, discomfort, and agitation. Also known as Reward Deficiency Syndrome, people can develop anxiety, depression, and hypersensitivity.

When individuals with RDS try alcohol or drugs they may begin craving the substance because it makes them feel good and much better than it would another person who doesn't have the deficiency. This is why they become so addicted easily, not so much to the drug but to the feeling that they get from drug abuse. Many studies show that people with RDS suffer from addictions of all sorts because of their constant desire to seek something that makes them feel good.

  1. Gambling Addiction
  2. Drug Abuse
  3. Hypersexual Activity
  4. Compulsive Eating
  5. Risk Taking
  6. Chemical Dependency

Many people who have a parent or family member with a drug addiction or alcohol abuse problem don't may not understand that their loved one didn't choose to become and addict but their brain set them up for it. This also makes recovery from addiction a lot harder as well. Treatment centers for drug rehabilitation are trained in helping people learn to avoid their addictive behaviors.

The best possible measures of treating addiction involve therapy, counseling, relaxation, and treatment medicine to balance the person and bring them to a comfortable position where they no longer need their drug of choice. Drug Rehabs Boca Raton is capable of supporting addicts in their recovery from addictive behaviors.

Education, awareness, and preventative measures, are all means of recovery and substance abuse avoidance. People with a history of addiction in their family should always be aware that some of this is genetics and for the same reasons that their parent or sister became an addict they could also.

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